Welcome! A bit about Pool For U.

 We started Pool For U because as young men from tight-knit communities, we saw and knew the benefits of being part of one. When our community had A problem, we solved it...together. We realized that at the end of the day, when people come together they can solve anything, that communities working together can solve anything. With Pool For U, we wanted to bring the innovation that solved our communities problem and share it with the world.  realizing that even though pools might be dempt a luxury, on a hot day they are A necessity. And that those who do own them, are paying for their maintenance 24/7 but are only using it 10% of the time...things don't need to be so complicated. The solution is clear-Share. If you're A pool owner, you are paying for your pool the whole day, but most likely have it sitting empty for many hours, so why not share it with someone else during that time. And if you don't own a pool, you shouldn't need to drive to A sandy beach far away, if there even is one, or take your family to a large uncomfortable public pool just to embrace the sun, when you can have your own private paradise. Together, we will make summer better for everyone. together we will BRING SUMMER CLOSER TO HOME.



What is
Pool For U?

Pool For U is an online market place for Pool rentals that connects owners of private pools and people looking to rent a private pool. Pool For U allows non-pool owners affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury while allowing pool owners to make a substantial income from their underutilized pool. This extra income can be used to help cover costs and even make a profit while helping out the community at the same time. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone. The pool owner simply lists his pool, customizes his account and decides when exactly it's available for rent and non-pool owners can read all about the pool, see previous reviews and book directly through PoolForU.com The pool For U support team ensures that the entire process of listing, reserving, renting, and paying is as smooth as possible for all involved.

Our Mission...

To Solve Summer!

by bringing communities together. Every year pool owners spend thousands of dollars to maintain their pools while much of the time the pool themselves remain unused. Furthermore, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pool of their own and after a long harsh winter would love to spend time swimming in the pools with their families and embrace summer in all its glory. Now, what if we can he

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